Yangon Coffee Shop Guide

A decent coffee shop is hard to come by in the burgeoning city of Yangon (Myanmar). And it’s no surprise, seeing the country has only recently opened up to the outside. I mean, in 2012 Myanmar ranked in as the #7 most censored country in the world. All things considered, Yangon as a city is doing quite well. Businesses are popping up left and right.

While I appreciate Yangon and all it has to offer, finding a coffee shop with WiFi, AC and good coffee is difficult. If you’re like me and live off coffee and WiFi — you can relate.

Attached is a guide to the best coffee shops in Yangon. When I say coffee shop, I mean a place where you can actually buckle down and get some work done while traveling.

Click here for your Yangon Coffee Shop Guide !

Enjoy. And I hope this comes in handy next time you have a business trip or are simply traveling to Yangon.

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