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Oh the dreaded immigration process. Nothing like standing in a long line after an unimaginably longer flight. Even worse? Not having the proper documents to get into the country. Even worse? Not taking the necessary steps before arriving and actually being denied entry.

I’ve heard the horror stories. Having to cancel a trip to Vietnam because one had no idea Americans needed to apply for a visa before arrival.

On that note, the only two countries in Southeast Asia where one must do advanced preparation before arriving are Vietnam and Myanmar. Myanmar does have a newly introduced visa upon arrival program for business travelers; however, seeing that Myanmar is a nation coming out of intense isolation it is probably best to make arrangements before arriving.

But have no fear. I present a concise guide to tourist visa policies in Southeast Asia– for American citizens.

Southeast Asia Tourist Visa Guide

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While some of these countries (think Malaysia and Singapore) have more flexible entry procedures for tourists– others do not (namely Myanmar and Vietnam.) Therefore it is always recommended to do advanced research. Policies can change without notice at times. And every country had its quirks.

Otherwise, happy travels.



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All information derived from the US State Department.