Best Destinations in Southeast Asia

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Hoi An Boat

Southeast Asia is filled with so many top-notch travel destinations that it’s hard to see them all. Luckily, I gathered insights from travel bloggers across the web about their favorite destinations in Southeast Asia. Mount Bromo, Indonesia Helen McClure ( Helen McClure is no stranger to travel. After living in Dubai, she currently resides in Singapore

History of the worst storms in Southeast Asia

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Typhoon Haiyan Destruction in the Philippines

The typhoon that hit the Philippines in this past November made up the bulk of international news. As of very recently, the Philippine government confirmed that Haiyan killed more than 6,000 inhabitants. 1,800 people are still missing. More than that, Haiyan drove nearly four million Filipinos out of their homes. But, it’s not the first storm

Emerging retirement destinations in Southeast Asia

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Cebu City, Philippines

Retiring in Southeast Asia has become a viable option for Westerners hitting the 50 plus age bracket. In 2010, the New York Times estimated approximately 100,000 people retired to Asia from other countries. While nations in the region differ, most have specific locations that are attracting those seeking a more unconventional path to old age. Southeast Asia

Guide: Backpack Vietnam via bus

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Market in Hoi An, Vietnam

I have been trying to teach myself how to create infographics, which can be difficult without a Mac. And without any Photoshop or design software. Nonetheless I managed. After trying and failing using PowerPoint (yes, to create an infographic) I found an awesome site that helps one generate an infographic– Hopefully this is the