Top Vacations For Women Traveling Alone

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Woman Alone In Pool

In my last post I looked at the truths of traveling alone by speaking with fellow bloggers who also travel solo. While responses were different, one theme remained constant: the difference between men and women traveling alone. Everyone acknowledged that there were challenges for both genders. Some challenges were the same — like feeling endangered while walking alone

Touring Yogyakarta’s 3 Main Attractions in just 10 hours

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Standing at the Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia’s largest cities and tourist attractions. Unlike urbanized Jakarta, the city does not have massive skyscrapers or problematic congestion. In fact, Yogyakarta’s city center is small and quaint. Pedicabs line the streets. Shops are small. And there are only a handful of Western chains. If in search of latest fashion trends

How to Stay in Shape while Traveling

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Staying in Shape when Traveling

I know how hard it can be to stay in shape when traveling or living abroad. When I first moved to Thailand in October 2012, I gained 15 pounds in less than two months. “How did I let this happen?” I asked myself. But I knew exactly how. The equation is simple: Little physical activity

Brunei Must See: The Royal Regalia Museum

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Royal Regalia Museum - Street View

I have to be straightforward. The word on the street is true. There is very little to do in the minuscule nation of Brunei. And of the few attractions, they are quite spread out geographically– especially the more outdoorsy activities. But right in the central area of Bandar Seri Begawan–the capital– is the Royal Regalia Museum.

Tourist Visa Policies in Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia Tourist Visa Policies - Airplane Wing

Oh the dreaded immigration process. Nothing like standing in a long line after an unimaginably longer flight. Even worse? Not having the proper documents to get into the country. Even worse? Not taking the necessary steps before arriving and actually being denied entry. I’ve heard the horror stories. Having to cancel a trip to Vietnam

3 Minute Travel Guide to Thailand: VIDEO

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3 Minute Travel Guide to Thailand

I introduce my first attempt at making a video for YouTube. After considering the trend of hyper-shortened videos like those found on Vine and Instagram– I thought a condensed travel guide to Thailand would be perfect. (Also, my recent interview with Trekity gave some great inspiration!) I touch upon key things to pack, three areas