US Study Abroad Trends (INFOGRAPHIC)

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This post (like the last) has relatively little to do with Asia. As the story goes, one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was putting together an infographic breaking down study abroad demographics and trends for American students. I figured I better finish it and not let all my hard work

7 reasons why you should study abroad in Asia

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Shanghai Highway - Study Abroad Asia

If you are in college and considering a study abroad experience– do it. And visit East Asia. Go to Shanghai like I did. Or northern Thailand to take in ancient Siam culture. Perhaps immerse yourself in the small but mighty city-state Singapore. Or venture off the beaten path and study in Vietnam, Cambodia or even

US students studying in Asia: INFOGRAPHIC

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Study Asia - Shanghai Gardens

China is the fifth most popular destination for US students studying abroad. In 2010/2011, 14,596 American students studied in China. However, all the other Asian nations fall far behind China in hosting US students. In the East Asian and Pacific region the next country to attract nearly as many US students in 2010/11 was Japan