Why I went to China in the first place

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Shanghai (China) Skyline

The first time I set foot in Asia was in February 2011. It was for a five day trip to BeijingРpart of the orientation for my upcoming semester in Shanghai. As I wandered through the Beijing airport that day, with some other kids in my study abroad program, I had no idea that my life

The World’s Tallest Buildings are in East Asia for a reason

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Image of roof deck in Shanghai's tallest building.

Having the tallest building in the world represents economic and industrial prowess. Despite arguments on the waste and inefficiency these monolith structures create, the battle between nations for the tallest building in the world will continue. At least for now. And East Asia is winning. People argue about the classification, of course. Whether antennas at the

US students studying in Asia: INFOGRAPHIC

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Study Asia - Shanghai Gardens

China is the fifth most popular destination for US students studying abroad. In 2010/2011, 14,596 American students studied in China. However, all the other Asian nations fall far behind China in hosting US students. In the East Asian and Pacific region the next country to attract nearly as many US students in 2010/11 was Japan