Percent of Internet Users in Southeast Asia (GIF)

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Internet Usage in Southeast Asia (1990-2010)

Before the early 2000s, internet penetration in Southeast Asia was virtually nonexistent. Heck, that was the case basically everywhere in the world. Fast forward to 2010 and the majority of SEA nations have a population of internet users above 10%. The obvious exceptions are Cambodia and Myanmar. However, if you consider more recent findings (especially

Female Education in Southeast Asia: INFOGRAPHIC

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Khmer girl in Cambodia

Take a look at the latest infographic measuring female education trends in Southeast Asia with particular emphasis on Cambodia and Laos. As you will see, most of the ASEAN nations perform quite well when it comes to education girls. The only exceptions are Cambodia and Laos. For both nations there are numerous roadblocks to education

Education for Girls in Southeast Asia

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Lao schoolgirls reading books

Compared to other parts of the world the education systems of Southeast Asia are quite efficient and effective. For the most part girls and boys nowadays share equal access to education facilities. Thus enrollment and literacy rates are comparable across genders. However out of the ten ASEAN countries there are two that lag behind considerably:

A glance at Cambodia’s beaches

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Song Saa Private Island

In the 1990s, many foreigners would have not imagined visiting conflict-stricken Cambodia, especially for a beach vacation. Fast forward to 2012 – and 3.5 million international visitors made way to the Southeast Asian country. The future appears even brighter: For 2013, government officials predict arrivals will reach 4 million. When Cambodia’s tourism industry began to

Human trafficking in Southeast Asia

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Young boy affected by human trafficking in Cambodia

To many of those in industrialized, Western economies it may seem like slavery has been long abolished. In reality it is a thriving multibillion dollar industry. While it is difficult to compile accurate data, the UN estimates that there are 27 to 30 million men, women and children enslaved–more than the population of Texas. It

The Downsides to Foreign Presence in Cambodia

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Phnom Penh

Cambodia has undergone magnificent economic transformation in recent years despite a tumultuous history characterized by French colonization, the lethal Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese occupation until the early 1990s. Today Cambodia exists without physical foreign presence. However, make no mistake about it: Cambodia’s trajectory has been defined by overseas development aid (ODA), NGOs, foreign direct investment