Two women on computers in Vietnam.

It’s no question social media has taken over society as we know it. Who needs to pick up a phone, or God forbid write a letter, when an old pal is just a click away on Facebook?

Just as this turn towards social networks is happening in the US, it’s also happening in Southeast Asia.

Let’s take a look at the data. (Note: most of the data comes from a comScore report that aggregated data in the month of March 2013.)

Social Media in Southeast Asia

In terms of world-wide internet users, almost half reside in the Asia Pacific region (APAC). Of this 644 million people, 9.6% are located in Southeast Asia. A pretty impressive figure given that, compared to other Asian neighbors, most SEA nations have been late in hoping on the technology bandwagon.

When it comes to actual online activity, it’s clear that compared to the rest of the world those in Southeast Asia dedicate more time to social networking than others.

Those of all ages are engaging in Southeast Asia.

Looking over the various networks present in the region, it’s overwhelmingly evident that Facebook is by far the most popular. However, other sites are growing in popularity including Twitter, LinkedIn and even Tumblr.

And, similarly around the globe, not only are young adults and those under 18 connecting. The trend is far-reaching, expanding across all age, income and education spectrums. I think we all know at least one person’s Grandma who recently “got a Facebook.” 

It’s simpleIf one has access to the technology, they’ll most likely be connected to one network or another.


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