Kosenda Hotel Awan Lounge

I don’t typically do hotel reviews. Actually, never. But I had to say something about the Kosenda Hotel. The place is small, as are the rooms. But also quite chic. So chic I just had to write about it.

Background to the stay

So far my trip in Jakarta had been anything but pretty. Plans kept falling through. And a not-so-great Roomorama experience later, I ended up booking a quick and last minute stay at the Hotel Konsenda in Jakarta.

When you first walk in

The lobby is quite small. Well, it is a small boutique hotel. Actually on their website they refer to it as Jakarta’s “newest design hotel.” So it makes sense. The downstairs is basically a check-in counter and one of the hotel’s restaurants.

Right away I am informed that there is no room service (huh?) but the restaurant downstairs is open 24 hours (huhhh?) So basically they are asking me to come down in my pajamas and order late night eats…

Waha Kitchen

Waha Kitchen, Kosenda Hotel JakartaWaha Kitchen is the 24 hour restaurant on the first floor, boasting “modern Asian cuisine.” The food is definitely overpriced for Jakarta. However, compared say to the US or Europe, prices don’t raise an eyebrow.

The bathroom at the back of the restaurant is unisex. Okay, I get you’re trying to be hip. And I’ve seen this setup before in other places (Philadelphia, Shanghai, etc.) But I personally hate the unisex bathroom. The last thing I want is to be putting on lipstick in the mirror and have some dude strut in. Or be in a stall with a guy in the one next to me… ew.

Lastly, they did such a skimpy wine pour. Sheesh I’m paying 8 bucks for this glass of wine .. which could get me like five meals in Jakarta. Get a stronger hand, will ya?


The service at the hotel is very helpful, like every hotel in Asia unless you’re doing super budget. I love the service in Asia. In the US, unless staying at the Ritz and you have a black card, service is so mediocre. In cities like Jakarta, doors are always being held and bags always carried.


I stayed in a room with two twin beds rather than one queen-sized bed. I am partly to blame for this because I did book around 5pm on the night I was scheduled to arrive. This was probably the only style room they had left.

Kosenda Hotel, Jakarta - Beds

In any case, yes, the room was tiny. But the way it was designed and laid out– it was one of the most fabulous I have seen. The room had personality and was meticulously designed to conserve space.

Kosenda Hotel Vertical Room View

The bathroom was literally in the room, with just some glass to separate. This little-privacy bathroom setup would make me pretty uncomfortable if I was sharing the space with another person–I feel like you can literally see right in.

I love the desk area with complimentary office supplies one can use: paperclips, a stapler. It is such a great idea.

The sink is located outside the glassed-in area with the toilet and shower. The top drawer was fully stocked with toothbrush kits, shave kits, etc. Also very helpful.

Kosenda Hotel Drawer And Desk

One of the downsides to the room was that there was no refrigerator. Not that I had much to refrigerate beyond bottled water.. but still, it’s nice to have cold bottles of water.


Overall, the WiFi was great. Especially in comparison to some of the other connections I have experienced in Jakarta.

The hotel provides four free waters bottles a day– which is nice seeing that Jakarta water is not drinkable. They also bring a nightly fruit plate to your room — filled with local favorites like papaya, pineapple, melon, etc.

The room came with two pairs of cute slippers along with two Japanese-inspired robes. The room also offers Kiehl’s bath products.

Kosenda Hotel Slippers Bath Products

Beyond the room itself, there is a rooftop gym. However (like the rest of the hotel) it was very small, providing only three cardio machines.

Upon check-in they give you coupons for $50 Rupiah off when spending over $125 Rupiah at the Waha Kitchen. I should mention there is also a rooftop bar/restaurant, Awan Lounge. It is up there with the gym. It seemed quite lovely. Awan Lounge has happy hour and ladies night specials. However, I did not eat/drink there.

Lastly, there is a complimentary breakfast at the Waha Restaurant. Guests get to order one a-la-carte menu item, plus an unlimited buffet. Again, like the rest of the hotel, the buffet spread is tiny. But it has the essentials like fruit, yogurt, cereal and them some popular Asian breakfast options.


It’s a nice place to stay and I am glad I chose the Kosenda Hotel. I really had no clue what I would be getting into and it was a pleasant surprise for such a last-minute booking.

They say on their site “Every element of Kosenda Hotel enhances the feeling of pure escapism.” Which I have to agree with.

Kosenda Hotel


Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim No.127, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10240, Indonesia → Location Map


+62 21 31936868


— Feature image of rooftop bar, courtesy of Awan Lounge

— Waha Kitchen, courtesy of Waha Kitchen

— All other photos my own