Yogyakarta Borobudur Temple

After seeing Yogyakarta included in the New York Times list of the “52 Places to Go in 2014,” I knew I had to check it out. Going in without any real expectations (aside from it apparently being a “must-see”), I have to say I left satisfied.

It is hard to compare Yogyakarta (or as Indonesian’s call it, “Jogja”) to other places, but if I had to I’d say it was blend between Chiang Mai and maybe even a place like Hoi An in Vietnam. There is a laid-back feeling in Yogyakarta, similar to Chiang Mai. There is also this sense of discovery, for there are not all that many Westerners around. Which kind of makes you feel special. And like you’re traveling off the beaten path — like Hoi An. Actually, it may in fact be more off the path than a place Hoi An.

Looking forward, I hope to share more stories, photos and maybe even a video retelling my weekend in Yogyakarta. But until then, here are some photos recapturing my journey.

Yogyakarta Street

Standing two streets away from Malioboro.


Yogyakarta Batik

Hand made Batik, a Jogja speciality.


Yogyakarta Borobudur

Standing in front of the Borobudur Temple


Yogyakarta Borobudur Steps

Going up the steps of the temple.

Yogyakarta Borobudur Side

Side view of Borobudur Temple


Yogyakarta Borobudur Stone

Stone engraving on the wall at Borobudur Temple


Yogyakarta Borobudur Buddha

Borobudur has many Buddha figures, including this one


Yogyakarta Borobudur Outlook

A view of the lush, green surroundings at Borobudur


Yogyakarta Borobudur Scene

Exquisite layout.


Yogyakarta Borobudur Side Look

View from the side at Borobudur


Yogyakarta Silver Making

Silver being shaped by hand


Yogyakarta Volcano Merapi

View of Volcano Merapi from afar (behind clouds)


Yogyakarta Volcano Merapi Sitting

Sitting at a stand at the village by Volcano Merapi


Yogyakarta Volcano Merapi Street

Volcano Merapi off in the distance, in the clouds


Yogyakarta lush scenery

Lush scenery near the Merapi Volcano.


Yogyakarta Prambanan

There is construction (and apparently seemingly never ending) going on at the Prambanan Temple, hence the hardhats in the corner.


Yogyakarta Prambanan Temple

One of the several temples

Yogyakarta Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple


Yogyakarta Pasty Market

Man and his pigeons at Pasty Market (basically a giant pet shop)

Yogyakarta Street View

Street view by Malioboro, not far from the Sultan’s Palace and Water Castle