Selamat Datang Monument roundabout

Love them or hate them, if you find yourself spending time in Jakarta you will inevitably make your way to a mall at some point. Even on days I assured myself I would not step foot into a mall, I always managed to make it to one. Somehow.

Malls in Jakarta are like little communities. Or in the case of mammoth mall Grand Indonesia— a big community. It is said that some of these mega malls use more electricity than entire towns elsewhere in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, in the Indonesian capital malls both big and small having different drawing points. Here’s your guide to know which mall is best for luxury versus cheap electronic goods. And some are just good for everything.


Good for: Electronics

Location: Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Right by ITC Mall.

While this mall does not have an official website (unsurprisingly), here is the Trip Advisor page. Ambassador is a bit chaotic and smoke filled (despite the “Non-smoking” signs). But it’s the go-to place for electronics.

ITC Kuningan

Good for: Bargain hunting, mostly carries clothing and accessories

Location: Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Directly across from Ambassador.

Mall Ambassador - JakartaLocated right next to the Ambassador, the ITC Kuningan has levels of cheap clothing and hand bags brought me back to Bangkok. Mentally, that is. Also like the Ambassador, there is no official website– at least one I can find. Very conveniently there is a CarreFour on the lowest level.

Kuningan City

Good for: Peace and quiet. Food court on top level. Free WiFi.

Location: Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, Kuningan, South Jakarta. About a three minute walk from Ambassador and ITC. Same side of the street.

Kuningan City is a relatively new and less popular mall in Jakarta. Nonetheless, its strategic location (by Ambassador, ITC and Ciptura) makes it a perfect stop during a full day of shopping in that area. One of my favorite things about this mall is its smaller size and free WiFi throughout the entire premises. Making it a perfect place to hideaway from Jakarta’s miserable traffic.

On the ground floor there are also a few large coffee shops. At least when I was there, it was pretty dead. A great place to get some work done if you happen to be in the area.

Ciptura World 2

Good for: This mall has more than what you need. Or can even think of.

Location: Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Located near Ambassador and ITC, but on the opposite side of the road.

Ciptura World 2 is one of three Ciptura malls in Jakarta. This location, though, is quite new–like lots of the malls in Jakarta.

Ciptura World

It’s also one of those malls that has everything and then some. There are apartments, offices, a gym, entertainment… the list goes on. A person could hideaway here for weeks, years even. Of course, if they have the budget. It was quite empty when I went there. Also, it’s very close to Ambassador, ITC and Kuningan City.

So if you need a place to escape for a few months and have unlimited funds… look to Ciptura World 2. Their residences even have a pool…

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Good for: Everything. Except bargain hunting. The mall is so big it takes up two buildings, East and West, that are linked by a multi-leveled skybridge.

Location: Off the Selamat Datang Monument roundabout, Central Jakarta. Across the way from Plaza Indonesia.

Like Ciptura World 2, Grand Indonesia is also massive. But Grand Indonesia, at least from what I have witnessed, has many more patrons. And perhaps more name recognition.

As their vision states:

To be the shopping landmark of Indonesia.

That’s some serious stuff.

Located in the famous Selamat Datang Monument roundabout, several other shopping complexes are nearby — including Plaza Indonesia. Also, some of the city’s most luxurious hotels are in this area.

Plaza Indonesia

Good for: Luxury

Location: Off the Selamat Datang Monument roundabout, Central Jakarta. Walking Distance from Grand Indonesia.

Plaza Indonesia was the first high-end shopping center to open in Indonesia in the mid-1990s. It was also home to Indonesia’s first Starbucks outlet, which opened in the early 2000s. Today high rollers still flock to Plaza Indonesia.

Outside view of Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall

Plaza Senayan

Good for: Luxury

Location: Jalan Asia Afrika, Jakarta Pusat. Located across from its’ counterpart, Senayan City.

In relation to the other Jakarta malls, Plaza Senayan is small in stature with only three floors and a basement. Nonetheless it is filled with major luxury brand names.

Like many malls in Jakarta, a casual food court sits on the top level.

Senayan City

Good for: Upscale and middle-range shopping and many children’s clothing stores.

Location: Jalan Asia Afrika, Jakarta Pusat. Directly across from Plaza Senayan.

Senayan City is like Plaza Senayan’s younger sister. Physically Senayan City is much larger. There is also a much wider selection of stores, including Western chains like Top Shop, The Gap and Bershka. offers more store varieties. The fourth floor houses many top children brands. And have no fear, despite a busy road separating Senayan City from Plaza Senayan, there is always a crossing guard on duty to help guide pedestrians.

Outside view of Senayan City


Jakarta has countless malls and new ones are being built on a regular basis. For more info on the vast range of malls Jakarta has to offer, look to’s detailed listing page.

For your convenience, below is an interactive map of the shopping malls listed above.

Happy shopping!



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