Internet Usage in Southeast Asia (1990-2010)

Before the early 2000s, internet penetration in Southeast Asia was virtually nonexistent. Heck, that was the case basically everywhere in the world.

Fast forward to 2010 and the majority of SEA nations have a population of internet users above 10%. The obvious exceptions are Cambodia and Myanmar. However, if you consider more recent findings (especially for Myanmar) internet usage has increased tremendously since 2010. And the government of Myanmar wishes this, and other technologic innovations, increase in the country by 2016.


Southeast Asian internet users as percentage of population (1990 - 2010)


Most recently recorded (2012) in Cambodia, internet users per 100 people was still only around 5 (or 5%). For Myanmar in 2012 the figure is just above 1%.

The gap between the developed ASEAN nations and those striving for greater economic success is reflected in this data– with more people living in the prosperous countries enjoying internet access.

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— All data taken from the World Bank. —