3 Minute Travel Guide to Thailand

I introduce my first attempt at making a video for YouTube. After considering the trend of hyper-shortened videos like those found on Vine and Instagram– I thought a condensed travel guide to Thailand would be perfect. (Also, my recent interview with Trekity gave some great inspiration!)

I touch upon key things to pack, three areas to visit and some cultural insights– in under three minutes.

If you desire an elaborate, detailed travel guide to Thailand– this is not for you. Again, this was my first time ever using iMovie. I realize it is far from a Cannes Film Festival nominee. However, perhaps if I receive some positive feedback it will motivate me to create more video guides in the future. Maybe even start filming while traveling.

Nevertheless, creating this short video was a learning experience. I now have a lot more respect for people who frequently film YouTube segments. It was much harder than it looked.



Oh, yeah… Don’t forget your passport!


Note: All images featured in the video (as well as the image above) are my property or were found on Flickr.com under a Creative Commons License.